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Resident Evil 2: Leon S. Kennedy Statue Prime 1 Studio Ultimate Masterline

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Prime 1 Studio



Now you can experience this amazing survival horror video game in 3D! Prime 1 Studio is very proud to present one of the main characters of Resident Evil 2, P1SUPMRE201: Leon S. Kennedy statue. Resident Evil 2 has a record of 7.2 million shipments worldwide.

Not just an ordinary statue, but a three-dimensional, very dynamic diorama inspired by the constant fight with zombies! The development team has been completely supervised by the Capcom Development team for this stunning piece. Making the statue highly detailed and accurate, including the gun stance and the zombie movements. We have aimed for a quality higher than ever before. Not to mention the modelling, facial expression, and equipment which have been very carefully crafted, we surely don't leave out a single detail in this statue!

Furthermore, the base is inspired by the police station game stage and it is loaded with items familiar to the game as well as countless hands of zombies coming from the bottom of the stairs trying to catch their prey. The video game's world view is adequately expressed by the base.

This is the best companion piece to display next to the P1SUPMRE202: Claire Redfield statue. Both characters are in the combat pose which makes them look astounding combined together, they make the complete diorama.

A must have for all survival horror fans!

Product Specifications:
- Statue Size approx. 23 inches tall and 20 inches wide [H:58.5cm W:52cm D:60.1cm]
- One (1) Police Station Stage designed theme base



21000 Gramm


61cm x 52cm x 59cm   (L x B x H )

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