The Hype Over Retro Games

The Hype Over Retro Games

The Hype

Classic gaming is fast becoming a popular activity in modern times. Gamers are getting more excited about older consoles and video games by the day. Despite the constant release of newer video games with better graphics and more adventures, avid retro gamers remain fascinated about the obsolete games. While this is an interesting fact, it is also pretty confusing. Rather than adopt modern gaming technologies that offer better graphics and control, retro-gamers prefer classical games. The soaring hype over retro games is as a result of various factors that include nostalgia, sentimental value and the element of affordability.

Retro games were typically released between the years 1970 and 2005. They are mostly games from consoles of between the 1st and 6th generation. There are quite a number of games that fall in the category of retro games. Some of the most common retro games include Sega Genesis and Legend of Zelda among others.


Retro games owe their hype to the following:



One of the notable features of classic consoles is their remarkable durability. While they may be looked down upon due to their bulkiness and their characteristic blocky cartridges, these gaming consoles were very durable. These devices were built to last rather than for aesthetics. The NES, Atari and the Super Nintendo were very strong and would last for years before the console began to be defaced. Retro-gamers are taking advantage of the durability of classic consoles to enjoy the games for years before needing to replace.




Simplicity is another factor that contributes to the growing hype of retro games. Retro games were created at a time when technology was not yet advanced. The graphics were simple and the controls rather straightforward. Learning and playing the games was therefore very easy. This is certainly one of the features of retro games that makes them popular even in the current gaming world. It takes a relatively short period of time to learn and start playing retro games than it takes to learn modern games. The modern games also feature complex graphics and enhanced controls that makes gaming quite hard for beginners. People who wish to start gaming without spending much time practicing are therefore more likely to opt for retro games.


The growing hype over retro games can also be associated to the affordability element. Due to the fact that they are obsolete, retro games cost much less than modern games. Whereas newly released games cost up to or even more than $40, retro games can be acquired for just a few dollars. Collecting retro games is therefore more affordable as compared to collecting those that are currently being released. In as much as it may be hard to find a classic console, you still won’t spend as much as you would on a new game.

Uniqueness and Difficulty

Despite there being games of varying names and different adventures, the idea behind modern games is usually similar. This is a feature of modern games that takes away the originality and uniqueness of games. This is yet another feature of retro games that makes them popular among avid gamers. To a certain extent, the uniqueness of a game contributes to its interestingness. Retro games were and are very unique as they were made from unique and original ideas. This makes them quite exciting to play as every game offers a whole new experience to the player.

In as much as the controls and the graphics of retro games were simple and straightforward, the difficulty levels were a force to reckon with. The games had very high difficulty levels that would challenge even the most experienced players. For an avid gamer, this is a feature that is very important for a gaming console.


The Element of Nostalgia

Video games have been identified as one of the notable triggers of nostalgia. Players therefore use retro games to relive the past. By taking up roles from the past and playing through familiar scenes, a player is able to bond with their past and enjoy the nostalgia.

The hype that has grown around retro gaming is quite solid and several retro gaming communities are rising on the internet and in localities around the world.

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