Resident Evil Silver & Gold Coin

Resident Evil Silver & Gold Coin



The new Resident Evil 2 was just released on the 25th of January 2019! The Remake of the original horror video game directed by Kazunori Kadoi and Yasuhiro Anpo announces to be a big success just like the previous ones making use of the RE engine and bringing in some old-fashioned horror survival scenery! The remake is after the 1998 video game Resident Evil 2, also called Bio Hazard 2  (jap. バイオハザード2, trans. Baiohazādo 2, Biohazard 2) in Japan. It is now released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and of course, Windows. 




All the gamers were waiting eagerly for the last week’s release. Due to its popularity, for people who want to feel part of the game and get ready for Raccoon City, the merchandise section was created.


Maybe you are a gamer or you know somebody that is. Then you need to hear about the limited merchandising edition just being also released. This is a unique opportunity to make somebody happy and get something with the Resident Evil brand. A true gamer will be more than happy!


The classical merchandise offer has a lot to give, for every taste. You can find all over the internet plenty of gifts, like key chains, wallets, t-shirts, mouse pads, baseball caps, art books and so on.




But the cherry from the cake is the super limited edition of Resident Evil Silver and Gold Coin!


It comes in a very limited edition and IT IS A MUST to have! It is a collector coin! Due to the fact that it is limited, hurry up and grab it now while it is fresh, as tomorrow might disappear. As you are reading this, it is selling fast, and on some websites it is are already sold out.




The reason is very simple: Being a collector coin it doesn't matter if you want to have one of these limited coins for your own collection or want to see them as an investment opportunity. They are unique!


We all know what great success Resident Evil 2 had 20 years ago! This video game is a legend. Most probably, there will also be another edition 20 years after for the game, from now. Even our grandchildren might play it. Resident Evil made a revolution in the video games, so that’s why they remade it.


Imagine how it would have been like to posess an antique piece of merchandise from 1998 and to own that today, 20 years after. A true piece of gold!

There are retail cardboards stands out there that were used as promotion in videogame stores when the original Resident Evil 2 came out. Those reach prices up to 400 US $ on ebay auctions and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

There are much rarer Merchandise items from back then such as badge replicas, unique controllers that were developped for the game and came with 3 types of tea bags just like the herbs in the game, action figures like HUNK or Mr. X, keys from the mansion and many more to speak of.

This is what you are presented now by the producers. A limited edition of coins that offer an investment opportunity. 


It is not every day that you see a coin from a video game. At this moment the price varies around 35 € for the silver coin and 50 € for the gold coin, but the smart part of purchasing it is, since the coins are limited, every sold coin will likely be kept by its owner for some time and prices will at least stay stable.


The absolutely genius part is the encrypted special serial number to ensure the uniqueness of every coin. With this special feature, it makes it impossible to be duplicated or falsified.

 Other than the crypto or Gold bubble it will be likely that the value of these coins rises since the total number of production is limited - other than thousands of differnet crypto currencies with billions of coins in total and "real" gold and silver coins.



I am sure you are wondering how many pieces have been released and how many other people will also gonna have this treasure box?

Well, in the whole world, there are 9995 silver coins and 7000 golden ones. This is a total of 16,995 pieces! Both of the silver and golden one are numbered.




Some physical characteristics that you also need to know are that they have a 3,8 cm diameter, having a stamp on both sides. And of course, they are packed in a gift box.


You can find the number just on the back of the coin. By looking at it carefully, you can figure it out if it was or not removed from the box.


The material chosen from the coins is nickel plated and zinc alloy.  


On the front, it is written "R.P.D. Raccoon Police 1969" in the center, while on the sides the message is:  "Nobody's going to leave my Town - Everyone is going to Die!". On the back, there is the image of Jill and Chris in the middle, while on the sides it is written: "It's up to us to take out Umbrella". It also has the "Capcom" logo on the back.


Besides the fact that especially the backcover is not the best art work in the world ( check some blogs here with people's thoughts) the coins are a very special Merch



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